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Liberté Hypnobirthing


 As a Hypotherapist and a mother, teaching Hypnobirthing gives me the opportunity to combine both of my passions: hypnotherapy and the amazing miracle that is childbirth!


I am a qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher. KG is the leading Hypnobirthing program and is endorsed by the Royal college of Midwives.


The course is a 10 hour (4 x 2.5hr) programme designed to give you the best birthing experience by providing you the tools to achieve a natural, calm, confident, empowering and often pain free birth! The course also has a strong emphasis on the role of birthing partners and gives them the knowledge and confidence in their role before and at the birth.


I currently offer one to one couple courses in your home for £300.


My offering is unique in that as part of the above, I offer a complementary individual hypnotherapy session (normally £75) to address any unwanted behaviours or to improve others..i.e. fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, confidence or self esteem boost etc.... (You may wish to use the session to help with weight loss after your baby is born). I aim to give you the best possible start on your journey!

What is Hypnobirthing?

Through hypnosis and visualisation, Hypnobirthing demonstrates the power of the mind over the body and provides parents with the techniques to achieve the best pregnancy and birth possible; calm, ideally natural and pain free and above all, the empowering experience that it should be!


You will practice relaxation and confidence with hypnosis scripts, learn 'up breathing' and 'down breathing' with visualisations to prepare your body for labour and to use in labour, learn massage techniques to stimulate oxytocin and endorphins (nature's anaesthetic). You will also learn how natural childbirth can be and that how beautifully designed the female body is....



Benefits of Hypnobirthing for mother, father and baby:


  • You are likely to release any fear and tension and experience a relaxed pregnancy and a more comfortable and often pain free birth

  • The length of labour is often much shorter in Hypnobirthing births

  • Less drugs and medical intervention in Hypnobirthing births allows babies to develop naturally and to term and gives them the best start in life. Baby knows best!

  • Your baby will be born in a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended!

  • Mothers feel empowered and often bounce back quicker after a Hypnobirthing birth as the physical impact of giving birth is reduced.

  • Your birth partner will acquire knowledge and confidence and learn how to support you through hypnosis and massage. Your partner will hold the crucial role of protector and spokesperson during labour and have an active role in the birth. Hypnobirthing really is a  beautifully empowering and wonderful experience for all!



What does my Hypnobirthing course include?


  • Complementary individual hypnotherapy session worth £75 to address any unwanted behaviours

  • 10 hours of tuition in 2.5 hour slots - Covers anatomy and physiology of your body and birth, to the emotional and psychological aspects as well as understanding hypnosis.

  • Book: 'Hypnobirthing' by Katherine Graves

  • Free MP3  'Colour and Calmness' relaxation  

  • Parent handbook

Contact me for more information and course dates 07592576495

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