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Past Life Regression

It is often debated whether the memories accessed during past life regression are real or not. 


Ultimately if your unconscious mind believes them to be real, there is very real healing to be had from releasing trauma, trapped emotions, negative beliefs, vows and contracts that these past lives and memories hold. 


I became fascinated with past life regression after listening to Dr. Michael Newton's 4 hour transcript titled 'Journey of Souls'. As a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist he found that when in trance, the unconscious minds of his clients were taking them into past lives to resolve issues. He decided to carry out a study of what his clients were experiencing and describing during these sessions and, using the same set of questions, recorded their description of what they experienced after the life between lives stage. Fascinatingly, the description was very similar for all of his clients. He deduced that our souls are on a spiritual journey of enlightenment and it can take lifetimes of incarnation to learn what we need to learn. He also found that we have a purpose for each life and that this was determined with guidance at the life between life stage. 


Why Past Life Regression?


You may be experiencing an unexplained fear, a phobia, a longing, or you may simply be curious as to whether you have experienced past lives. You may feel that issues in your life, i.e. with love or money have roots beyond this lifetime. Your interest may be more spiritual, and you may wish to know what your life purpose is, why you are here, what you are working towards…


Whatever the reason, your unconscious mind will lead you to the right healing experience for you!



What to expect


Each regression is different and entirely individual to each client. As a hypnotherapist my role is to make you as comfortable and as safe as possible, in order for you to achieve a state of trance that will allow your unconscious mind to lead you to the right past life experience for you. I am the facilitator but ultimately you are the owner of your experience.


In order for you to have the best past life regression experience possible, you will need to book a hypnotherapy session before your regression so that you can experience a wonderful state of trance and are comfortable and happy with the concept. In this session we can explore any issue/negative behaviour you feel needs to be addressed.


The cost of a 1 hour hypnotherapy session is £75 (required for new clients) and the past life regression session (up to 2 hours) is £100.



'I've always been intrigued by past life regression and finally I had a go! I didn't really expect it would work, as I haven't had much success with hypnotherapy in the past (with other practitioners). However, Georgina guided me back and I saw three past lives, including one where I had been murdered. This wasn't distressing to witness - I wasn't shown much, but I could feel the rage and frustration of my past self. Georgina guided me to release a lot of seething anger which had been bottled up ever since. Whether these were genuine past lives, or simply aspects of myself that needed to be healed, I don't know, but it was absolutely fascinating and I'd love to have another go!

In order to build up to the past life regression, Georgina had suggested that we have a more conventional session on an issue that I wanted to work on. There was no existing script for the issue I wanted to work on - releasing resentment towards my body following a lifetime of recurrent illness, so Georgina wrote a specific script just for me!

Since the two sessions, I feel a great deal of peace and calm, and a renewed confidence. I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted. I would highly recommend Georgina to anyone, either if you have a specific issue to work on or because you are intrigued by past lives, like I was.'


In the peace and comfort of her treatment room and with her soothing voice, Georgina was able to take me into a deep dreamlike state. She was able to guide me through my visions of a life set in an older time, a much simpler time. I could see and feel myself in a different body. I was in a dream like state but what I saw was very clear. Georgina allowed me to question why I was there, what I was feeling, what my thoughts and fears were. The experience has opened my eyes to my life here and now. By learning from this past life and questioning why the life was shown to me, I have been able to see clear parallels. It has made me see more clearly what I need to change in my current life and has set my focus on the more important aspects within it. Georgina gave me a sense of release and reassurance.

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